Meet Seth Wright, Candidate for Bountiful City Council!

I am excited to run for Bountiful City Council! I am a husband and dad, have a master’s degree in Public Administration, am completing my Ph.D., and my day job is teaching. 

When running in 2017, a core component of my grassroots campaign focused on increased transparency via the live-streaming video of city council meetings. Although I didn’t advance that election, I feel encouraged that the first live-streamed meeting was on January 9th, 2018, the first city council meeting directly following the campaign.

Live streaming city council meeting videos helped Bountiful residents stay connected during the pandemic, and will continue to link us all to our local government for years to come!

I am a grassroots candidate, and I promise I will work hard, represent you, and create a more transparent, representative, and accountable government.

In my view, local government should “B”:

“B” Representative:

Elected officials should be close to the people! I will have an open-door approach to representation, return every phone call and email, and seek opportunities to listen, learn and deliberate with Bountiful residents!

“B” Transparent:

Tax Transparency is an important taxpayer protection to give citizens efficient services while keeping fees and taxes low!

“B” Accountable:

Bountiful’s elected officials’ role is to represent the interests and values of its residents – this is the standard we need to keep!

“B” Bountiful!:

Keeping taxes, utilities & operating costs low, supporting & maintaining first-class police and fire departments, upgrading infrastructure and exploring new technology, protecting property rights, and preserving Bountiful’s historic Main Street all give Bountiful the character we love and cherish for generations to come!

I started a FundHero to help pay for ads, signs, and literature- I am overwhelmed by the support and kind words from everyone- thank you, it means the world to me!

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