Bountiful City Council and Mayoral Debate Videos (Updated!)


Here is the debate between candidates for Bountiful’s City Council. I subtitled everyone’s name at the opening and then closing statements, and then also each question as it was asked.

Here is the video of last night’s Bountiful City’s Mayoral debate.

I subtitled all candidate names at the beginning and end of the debate, and also numbered and transcribed questions being asked.

Special note- prior to the candidate’s closing remarks, the camera tripod is bumped by an attendee – this moves Mayor Lewis out of frame briefly.

While Mayor Lewis is giving his closing statement, another attendee notices the problem, and then adjusts the camera position to move Mayor Lewis back into frame (thank you!). This is all noted in the video as well.



1 thought on “Bountiful City Council and Mayoral Debate Videos (Updated!)”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for your time and service in posting this for those of us whose schedules did not allow for us to be at these debates, as well as the power/city council meeting. It has been extremely informative and helpful and we appreciate the transparency!


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